Terms & Conditions

You must be at least 18 years old and have the legal right to work in the United States in order to receive payment.

Models with no work permit may participate for free services, but receive no payment. All Applicants must submit a W9-form once, if they are booked for a job.


Usually Agencies charge models up to 20 % agency fees on every booking. (deducted from the rate stated in the casting) in addition to the agency fees paid by the client to the agency.

We do only charge 20 % agency fee on your very first booking through our agency and then never again.

Exceptions only apply, if a booking is exclusive at the discretion of HME to charge. Such Exceptions will always be stated prior to a booking.

This fee is to introduce you to all our exclusive clients. We work hard to get as many jobs as possible for you, and negotiate a lot of exclusive deals with clients that do not work with other agencies. In order for you to get these castings for free, we charge you and only if we get you booked. Nobody likes to work for free, not even us:) If you purposely try to circumvent this fee, we will not charge you penalties like other agencies, we will immediately drop you from getting any future castings, or direct bookings. Trust us, it will be punishment enough for you to be excluded from our exclusive job offers.


Payments are usually scheduled 60 days post show. HME is not responsible for late, or non-payment of our clients. We do NOT advance payment. 60 days is the expected turnaround time, it could be sooner, and sometimes it can be up to 90 days depending on the client.

1. After an event the model must inform us about working by sending us the Model-Voucher signed by the client right after the job is finished. The reason we are collecting the vouchers is, that some clients forget to tell us that models have worked or there are discrepancies with the rate and then you are the one who experiences delays in your payment or wrong payments. With the voucher we can catch errors immediately and make sure you always get paid correctly and in a timely manner. HME is not responsible for any errors or delays of payment because of failure to send your Model-Voucher back in order to inform us about you working a job. The voucher is not a binding contract and is subject to changes if signed by an unauthorized person onsite.

2. After HME sends an invoice to the client you will receive an email from us in which we will send you a case number as well as all instructions and your Payment-Request form and W9-Form to fill out. This may take 7 business days post event.

3. If payment does not arrive after 60 days post the event you worked you can contact us via email and state your case number. You will get paid, as soon as we receive it, we promise you this, but your patience is expected! We do not have the staff to give payment updates before 60 days to every model we book.

The following Documents must be received BEFORE Payment (NON- payment authority is to remain in full force and effect until HAIR MODEL EXPRESS has received these documents!!)

1. Valid Model Voucher including Client verification (Voucher is always attached for download in the casting notice or on our website!) PLEASE BE AWARE THAT A MODEL VOUCHER DOES NOT REPRESENT A BINDING CONTRACT.

2. Payment-Request Form fully completed in a legible manner including current mailing address!

3. W9-form prior to receiving payment! Models receiving in excess of $600.00 per calendar year should expect to receive a 1099 Form at the end of January the following year .

If the above mentioned documents are not submitted to HME within 8 months post the event worked or HME was not contacted within 8 months post the event worked in regards to payment, the payment will stay in house because of accounting purposes.

ADDRESSING AN ERROR OR LACK OF PAYMENT TIME RESTRICTION: Checks not cashed within 3 months of the check issue date will require a $25.00 re-issue fee. Missing checks, payments, or any issues regarding payment will be dismissed if not addressed within 8 months of the event.

All Models are prohibited from contacting clients directly post event in regards to payments. All payment issues have to be directed to HME as your agency. Such approaches to clients may damage the relationship between HME and the client as clients hire and pay agencies in order to take care of all payment related issues. If models contact clients directly post event HME reserves the right to terminate the model from further work with the agency.

LATE PAYMENTS FROM CLIENT - The majority of time our clients pay in the time frame they inform us they will pay. Unfortunately on rare occasion they pay late for a variety of reasons. Keep in mind its not only your payment that is late; its ours too. Obviously we will do everything in our power to obtain funds owed in this scenario. Hair Model Express does not pay talent late fees (unless paid by a client) nor will be held accountable for late payments or lack of payments from any client. Hair Model Express is the casting agency and ultimately is not accountable for payments that have NOT been received from the client. Should a payment not be received from a client; Hair Model Express will release all information and records of the client so a model may pursue their own money on their own if they choose. Clearly, Hair Model Express is not paid until the client pays, therefore Hair Model Express and models have the same vested interest with models. Hair Model Express is accountable for all model payments that have actually been received in full from each client. Payments not received from a client may go to collections and if unsuccessful in collections, the invoice/payment may be pursued with legal action if reasonable. This has never occurred. The legal process is a timely process that is a burden for all parties involved. No payments will be made to models until the funds are collected from the client. We do not pay models in advance.

The above terms are the industry common terms.


FLAT RATE: If we state a flat fee in a casting notice, ex. $1000.00 FLAT, that means that this is your model rate and an additional 20% agency fee is deducted from your model rate.

CASTING: A casting is an audition. You must tryout to get the job, and are not booked until you attend the casting call, and it is decided that you will be used for a particular job.

AGENCY FEE: refers mainly to client paying the agency, but model fees can also be called agency fees from the model to the agency.

GO-SEE: A Go-See is a casting via invitation only. This means that you have selected based on images to meet with a client on a particular date/time.

VOUCHER: A Voucher is document that is needed once you book a job. It is not needed beforehand. A voucher is a modeling contract between model, and client. Sometimes, rates change, or models work longer hours than originally agreed. A voucher protect models onsite without a manager, so that clients honor rates that are promised. Voucher are turned in to the agency after a job is completed. Instructions on how to use the Voucher are stated on the Voucher. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT A MODEL VOUCHER DOES NOT REPRESENT A BINDING CONTRACT.


If you get a call from more than one agency for a go-see, the general rule is that you should accept and tell the CLIENT that you are represented by the first agency WHO SENT YOU THE JOB. That is the agency you should contract with, and commit to their casting. This is the standard practice in the industry, and should be accepted by all agents. There are some exceptions: when you have a contract with an agency that gives them preference (if you are called by several agencies for a job, and one of them has that preference clause in your agreement with them, you should tell the CLIENT that you are represented by that agency regardless of what order the calls were received in. You should also tell Hair Model Express that you are doing that, since we may have you under contract first. Another exception is if HAIR MODEL EXPRESS gets a “name-request" from the client specifically for you. In that event, you must ALWAYS accept the go-see as represented by HAIR MODEL EXPRESS, even if you got a call earlier (not a name request) from some other agency for the same go-see.


Models are absolutely prohibited from working directly with clients we introduce you to as a model in same or similar capacity. Basically models are not permitted to work "behind our backs" with the very people we introduce you to. This is common practice in our industry. Those found in breach of agreement will be assigned 20% for a first offense, 30% for a second offense, and 40% for your third and final offense. Models will be permanently revoked after 3 offenses. The percentage paid will be of your total wages for the job which you were in breach of. Should a model refuse to pay this penalty fee, the payment will be turned over to a collection agency and if need be an attorney will retained. Any fees incurred by hair Model Express due to a models breach of agreement will be the responsibility of the model. When a model agrees to work with us for a job they agree to this policy. The agreement cannot be revoked to work with another company for the exact same casting.


Hair Model Express does not cover transportation to auditions or to jobs even if there is a timing error by the client or Hair Model Express. Hair Model Express does not cover parking or lodging.

HOWEVER, there are many situations in which a client will decide to cover an expense or expenses on a booked model. This is to the discretion of the client, not Hair Model Express. In such cases this must be stated on the Model Voucher signed by the client and receipts have to be submitted within 3 business days after the booking. Otherwise they will be disregarded


Models will not be paid if they do not complete their job in its entirety. For example, if a model attends a prep day and then is a no show to the event day; no compensation will be paid for the prep day. Models that arrive significantly late to a job can be turned away without pay to the clients discretion. Payments may be decreased should a late model continue to work a job at the clients discretion. Models under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be asked to leave a job without pay at the clients discretion. Models that are causing a dramatic distraction to an event may be asked to leave without pay at the clients discretion. Hair Model Express may be asked to relay this information, but holds no responsibility for these decisions. These decisions rest solely in the hands of the client. It’s in the best interest Hair Model Express for models to complete their jobs and receive full payment. Less payment for models equals less payment for Hair Model Express.

CAN I LEAVE THE JOB IF I BOOK TO GO TO AN ANOTHER AUDITION REALLY QUICK? No sorry. We get this question a lot You may NOT "sneak out" (IF YOU BOOK) while working to go to another casting? No payment will be made if this occurs.


Occasionally, a client will attempt to renegotiate the terms of the deal (different start/stop times, different pay rates, additional usage of the pictures) either at the audition or unfortunately even the job. You should immediately call us in this scenario . Its your money and you want a professional from Hair Model Express to make sure its done right. . If you are doing a TV commercial and someone asks to “just take a couple of still shots," call your agency immediately. Never put yourself in the position of having to be the one to say no, but don't allow any shooting beyond what was booked without your agent's approval. If you do, you may give up rights to thousands of dollars worth of usage fees, especially if the photographer asks you to sign his release.

Do not discuss rates or terms. If someone on the set brings these things up, politely refer the question to your agency. Never change the terms of a shoot without your agent being involved.


Occasionally a client may change their schedule and no longer need you for the job. If this occurs Hair Model express is not accountable for lost time, wages or garnishes that may affect you due to cancellation. Don't forget it's our loss too. Changes of schedule due happen, but not frequently. The changes are not in our control. Sometimes the changes are for the better. Its always in our best interest to book models as much as possible. Clients are still billed and models are still paid if a model goes to a job and is not used due to reasons that the talent are not accountable for. Hourly jobs are obviously paid by the hour. Flat rate jobs are paid by the job and/or the day unless otherwise stated, not the hour. For example hair model jobs are flat rate jobs. Hours vary on flat rate jobs. Hours are subject to change on any job, for better or worse. A majority of the time the hours provided will stay the same. If talent work more than 3 hours than expected, they should notify Hair Model Express so that we can request an increase in pay. It is important to note the client is not obligated to accept our request. This is a scenario that rarely occurs. Should a cancellation fee be served it will be split with the model. This only occurs in applicable scenarios which cancellations occur in 24 hours or less.

LEGAL (including unemployment, 1099's, IRS)

All models are hired as independent contractors. You are responsible for your own taxes. You CANNOT claim unemployment with Hair Model Express as you are not being hired as an employee. If you earn over $600 you should receive a 1099 from us by 1/31 each year. If you do not earn over $600 you will NOT receive a W9 form from us.

Hair Model Express is not responsible for any mental or physical damages caused to you while working as an independent contractor on the job. Hair Model Express is not accountable for mail fraud or stolen checks; however we will do what we can to assist with authorities and banks. Hair Model Express is not a legal counsel and will not act as your legal counsel in any legal action against one of our clients for lack of payment. However we will do everything in our power to retrieve all payments. All models will work on each job at their own risk. If a client does not pay, Hair Model Express will do everything in their ability to retain the funds including collections and legal actions if determined reasonable. Hair Model Express is not responsible to pay models until payment has been received. In the very rare case a legal issue arises to receive funds from a client; payment could be delayed significantly.


Hair Model Express is not responsible for any dissatisfaction caused by hair professionals to any model's hair. Hair Model Express is not required to contact clients on your behalf in a situation that a clients have injured you, damaged your hair, promised prints, or images, products, parking, per diems or any other extras, not approved, or promised on an Hair Model Express casting breakdown. Hair Model Express is not responsible to act as your personal manager and solve client disputes. Any disputes between model, and client or changes of terms differing from the original casting notice must be addressed with Hair Model Express at the time of the job, not after the job. Hair Model Express will try its best to assist with any disagreements, but Hair Model Express is a casting company which service is to provide approved talent job information, ensure payroll for payments that have been made & contracts. We will pitch our models the best we can to our clients. Hair Model Express cannot guarantee a model books any audition. Castings never cost to attend. Hair Model Express is not responsible for our clients misconduct, and Hair Model Express is not responsible for models misconduct. Hair Model Express is not liable for injury to the model, or damage to a model's hair. Essentially, we are just your casting agency and payroll company for payments that are completed..


Any talent agent, talent manager, talent company owner, contractor working for talent company's or any person or identity working in a format which represents talent of any kind agree to pay a fine of $5000.00 within 15 days of being notified if they fraudulently fill out the information directly or indirectly. Talent representatives and identities are not permitted to fill out this application form. By filling out the form as a talent representative you agree to pay a fine of $5000.00 to Hair Model Express. If you are a model, you do not have to worry about this at all. This is directed to any competing talent booking company or person thinking of attempting commit fraud within our system.

Application forms may not be filled out by anyone other than yourself. All models agree to the following by agreeing to our terms and conditions:

I certify that I am empowered to execute this application. I understand that my typed signature on this written declaration has the same legal effect as an oath or affirmation. Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing application and the facts stated in it are true. I understand that falsification of any material information on this application may result in criminal penalty or administrative action, including a fine, suspension or revocation of the license. I understand that an electronic confirmation shall have the same force and effect as a written signature.


Hair Model Express reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the Terms under which our services are offered. The most current version of the Terms will supersede all previous versions. Hair Model Express encourages you to periodically review the Terms & Conditions on this webpage to stay informed of our updates.