How It Works

1.Your images:

Since HME as your agency will have to present the images you upload to your profile to our clients in order for us to hopefully get you booked, we expect a little effort in regards to your pictures. We don’t necessarily need images taken by a professional photographer but your pictures should be presentable. Which means that selfies taken in cars, restrooms etc. as well as pictures in which we are able to see your cell phone, other people etc. or your head and face are cut off are not sufficient. We recommend to ask somebody to take 3 or 4 nice pictures of you which are presentable to be sent to a client. Best would be a picture in which we have a close up of your face and hair as well as a full body shot in order to see your body type.

The more presentable your pictures are, the higher the chances to get a job!

2.Casting Emails:

There are 2 different kinds of casting emails you will receive. Please be aware that all casting emails you receive are confidential and not meant to be shared with other people.

That means you will receive an email stating the requirements the client is looking for as well as a date for the casting. If you fit ALL the requirements in the email and you would like to go to the casting you need to let us know by clicking on the green “I can attend” button on the bottom of the casting email. If you qualify, usually a few days after you clicked on this button you will receive a second email in which we will send you the address at which the casting will take place.

At the casting:

It is very important to be on time or preferably a little early for the casting. Your chances are higher to get booked when early. We usually advise all models to wear black skinny jeans or leggings, a tight shirt or tank top as well as heels to every casting. It would be best to go with daytime appropriate make up. It is also important to attend castings with clean hair worn open (no ponytails etc) and no product in the hair so the client can access your hair correctly and easily.

When you arrive at the casting the client usually will ask you to sign in with your name etc. and will ask for your agency. Since HME sent you to the casting and you signed a contract to be represented by us for the casting you need to put HME down as your agency.

If the client decides to book you, they will discuss the haircut/color etc. they are planning for you and advise you about your call times and what to bring to the event.


If you receive a casting invitations that says “casting via images” it means that our client will take a look at the pictures you have in your profile with HME and decide if they would like to book you or invite you to meet with them.

If you fit all the requirements for the casting you can click on the green “I can attend” button. As mentioned above in the sections about your images it is important that you have sufficient, presentable pictures on file with us in order for the client to select you for a job.

In every casting invitation you will also find a red “image upload” button on the bottom of the email. By clicking on the button you can upload newer images of yourself in case to for example changed your look since the last time you uploaded images. It is important for the client to know how you currently look like in order to make a decision.

In case the client likes your images and would like to book you or invite you for a meeting someone at HME will contact you.

3. I got booked! What now?

Congratulations! If you got booked for the job there are a few things to take care of:

  • Be on time. Like with any other job it is expected to be on time. If there are any unexpected events keeping you from arriving at the jobsite on time you have to immediately inform us at your agency and let us know.
  • Professional behavior. Clients expect models to behave as expected at a professional environment. Which means that such things like bringing friends or boyfriends etc. is not acceptable.
  • If any events happen that are uncomfortable for you as our model or have not been agreed to upfront do not hesitate to contact us as your agency anytime to clarify any misunderstandings etc.
  • Always have your Model Voucher with you and let the client fill it out and sign it after you finished the job. DO NOT leave the voucher with the client but email it back to HME immediately after

4.After the Booking:

  1. After we collected all vouchers from the models we will invoice the client. This may take a few days. You will then receive an email with payment forms and instructions
  2. Fill out the W9 form we have sent you in the payment email
  3. Fill out the Payment request form we have sent you in the payment email (we recommend choosing the Direct Deposit option for faster and more secure payment)
  4. You can find all our payment terms & Policies under the Terms & Policies section on our website