Welcome to working with Hair Model Express!

We offer our clients 3 different ways to work with HME based on their needs.

HME MODELING AGENCY ( licensed in the State of Florida)
We have an in-house roster of over 27,000 models in all 50 states in the U.S. We also provide models in Canada, London and Germany.
( We have a staff fluent in German, and French)
Our agency department charges a non-negotiable 20% client agency fee that is added to each individual model rate.
If clients offer flat rates, the agency fee will be inclusive and the client fee will be deducted from the model rate ( excluding any fees the model may, or may not incur based on each individual contract) Our models are freelance models and contracted on a job to job basis. All HME models are contracted via electronic agreement prior to sending them to a casting or job, thus we expect models and clients to honor these contracts.
HME will provide and send models to your designated casting call, or compose electronic packages in casting, or gallery style within an email, or PDF format.
All contracted models must be compensated through Hair Model Express.

HME CASTING DEPARTMENT ( We offer to cut your show/shoot budget by 10% by working exclusively with HME and our agency and model roster)
We offer clients and in-house model roster, but we also have established partnerships with other modeling agencies throughout the country.
Our casting department will ensure that your casting call has the best model selections, whether it is from HME, or another agency.
The advantage of hiring our Casting Department to handle your model call is to reduce your costs by 10%, and eliminate the headache of having to deal with several different vendors or agencies. We will work with our agency affiliates, or your recommendations on your behalf. One contract, one check, one tax form!

HME PRODUCTIONS (Bringing together top stylists, artists, photographers, models and vendors for shoots in the studio and on location. We do it all!)

Our staff consists of individuals who have become particularly familiar with the Hair and Beauty industry. HME productions handles budgets,estimates, pre-production meetings, scheduling, PR firms, castings, rentals, travel, locations, set designs, wardrobe stylists, photographers, make up artists and models. We have worked with hundreds of Creative Directors in the industry and will make your photo shoot production a breeze from start to finish.
In order to NOT compete with Hair Model Express's production clients, we have set our primary focus on producing shoots for individual artists and their brand management within our industry. Our VP of Brand Management William Coleman has the expertise, and brand management experience to organize your shoot and take it to the next level. We can assist in creating editorial photo shoots, B-roll photo and video shoots, Naha shoots, Campaign launches and Re-branding. We have connections to photographers specializing in HAIR shoots, styling teams, advertising firms, and modeling agencies with an in-house roster of over 27000 models in the United States. We currently coordinate productions in Los Angeles, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Chicago


All Freelance models are contracted internally by Hair Model Express for specific jobs and events.
Our agency fee is ALWAYS on top of the model fee, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing . However, some additional fee can be made inclusive in the model rate.
By hiring HME models via email, contract, or self recruitment for shows, shoots, or events, clients agree to have all model payments and agency fees rendered to Hair Model Express at a NET remittance term as stated on the HME invoice.
The model fees are re- confirmed by the model onsite via a " Model Voucher". The Model Voucher onsite supersedes any negotiations prior to the signed model Voucher, and shall be deemed a VALID contract to render model payments in said amount to the agency.